Local man and former Northern Standard journalist Adrian Harte has just completed writing a biography of San Francisco rock band ‘Faith No More’. The book will be published in September by Jawbone Press in the UK and will be entitled Small Victories – the true story of Faith No More. The book is now available for pre-order before its release in September and early interest has been such that the book rocketed to number 2 in the Amazon UK heavy metal new releases chart. Adrian’s research was meticulous. In interviewed 45 people for the book resulting in a 110 hours of audio files to transcribe. The final word count is 120, 000 edited down from a first draft of 170, 000. The word FAITH appears 801 times. Adrian is also editor of the popular Faith No More 2.0 website and media intelligence manager at European football organisation UEFA. Speaking about the book he said. “I’m extremely grateful to Jawbone Press for giving me this opportunity to tell the true story of Faith No More. I hope that the book – written with the diligence of a journalist but the passion of a fan – will do justice to this captivating band and give Faith No More the book it deserves.” For book updates between now and publication follow @faithnomore20 and