The AGM of the Ballybay Outdoor Bowling Club took place on Monday 20th March in the club pavilion. As usual it was very well attended with representatives from most clubs that take part in the local league present. The Chairman Benny Smyth extended a warm welcome to all and thanked all those that contributed to the running of the club in the past year. The secretary Cora read the minutes and the treasurer Bertie gave a detailed report on the finances during the year which all agreed were in a very healthy state, despite having to host the champion of champions in 2016. The President Uel Gamble then congratulated all on the smooth running of the club in the past year and said it was a wonderful achievement for the Ballybay club to win the singles, pairs and rinks in the champion of champions. They also won the Mc Gurk Shield and only failed by one point in winning the league. The Chairman gave a detailed report on all the events that took place in our club for the past year. He was very pleased that the Monaghan Co. Council provided the extra 14 car parking spaces and also was great to see the offending trees removed as they caused a lot of damage to the green.
The election of Officers then took place and as all members present were happy with the committee it was duly returned. The members of the selection committee was also elected and it was downsized to 4 persons namely Seamus Winters, Malachy Mc Skeane, Benny Smyth and George Barry. They will meet on Monday evenings at 7pm on the week that there is a game.
It is hoped that the green will get its annual power washing in the second week in April but in the meantime the green will be open each evening from 6pm for practice. All the clubs that took part in the local league last year have indicated they are participating again this season which will commence on Monday 1st May. All clubs will get their playing dates in the next few weeks. The meeting concluded with the Chairman wishing all a good years bowling.