The Ballybay and its People facebook page recently received the following message – “Hi thank you so much for accepting me in your group. I'm not from Ballybay but I'm hoping someone might be able to help me get in touch with a lady whose maiden name was Bernadette Nesbitt from Ballybay. We did nurse training together from 1977-1980 in London. We were best friends until I left in 1981 to come to Oz and as was the case back then it was just too difficult to stay in touch. I'm originally from Meath , my Maiden name was Margaret O Brien. A few of us from our class is having a get together in London in Nov and as I'll only be there for a week I'd really love to make contact with Bernie Thank you so much..I remember her mum was May Nesbitt I met her once”. Numerous people have replied and it has been established that Bernadette was a daughter of Tony Nesbitt and lived on the Castleblayney Road and attended St Louis, in Monaghan. She married a man by the name of Guthrie and is living in England. Well thankfully the story has a happy ending. Local lady Patricia Conlan was key as she contacted Bernadette’s sister Rosaleen and Margaret and Bernadette are now back in touch. And for the record Bernadette is a nurse in the Nightingale Hospital in Westminster, London. So while facebook often gets lots of critism thankfully on this occasion it proved to be a power of good in reuniting two old friends.