On Sunday 6th August Latton G.A.A. will host "GAELIC SUNDAY",commemorating one of the G.A.A.s greatest days - "Gaelic Sunday,4th August 1918",when all G.A.A. Clubs across Ireland organized games and activities in the face of oppression by occupying forces. The afternoon will see games and activities, with a "Scor Concert" taking place on the evening in the O'Rahilly G.A.A. Centre, with it is hoped acts from Scor Sinsear and Scor Na nOg over the years performing on the night. All Scor participants and everyone interested is invited to a meeting in the Club Rooms tonight(Thursday 6th July) at 9.30pm,to discuss and organize "CENTENARY GAELIC SUNDAY-6th AUGUST 2017". So please come along.