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Lough Major and Church of Ireland at Night Time BallybayThe Lough Major and the Coachman Walk:

This walk circles around the 23 hectare Lough Major, with stops for fishing along the way. It is very scenic, giving panoramic views of the town of Ballybay and the surrounding countryside. There is a little well along the way and eerie yew tree lined section. There is ofien plenty of wildlife on and around the lake, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Part of the walk includes the town park and the peace bridge. It takes about fifty minutes to an hour to complete the walk.

Wetlands Centre:

There are several walks around the wetland centre including, if you wish the entrance walk. There are very scenic walks around the lakes and wetlands. The Wetlands centre is 65 acres of wetlands that are recognized as being regionally important as a site for wintering migratory bird life including the Whooping swan and the Siberian widgeon. jrutledge homeslider4smAlso as a year round refuge for a wide spectrum of waterfowl and wildlife.

Corbrac Road Walk:

ls a scenic countryside road walk, winding around for three miles you leave Ballybay by the Creeve road and come back via the Latton road. The hedgerows often have small wildlife in them and in autumn you can be sure to find blackberries growing. It will take about an hour to an hour and a half to walk.

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